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Friday, 1 July 2016

LinkedIn Tip #45 - Four More Work-A-Rounds on LinkedIn.

There are unlimited resources available to us with LinkedIn, helping us to connect.

I spoke with a gentleman just this week who is on LinkedIn, and he confessed that he had been inviting tons of people to connect with him from the "People You May Know" list. He is lucky that he has not had 5 people I.D.K (I Don't Know) him. If that happened, he would have his profile sent to "LinkedIn Jail"! (Account frozen temporarily.)

That said, many of the people in the "People You May Know" list are L.I.O.N.s.(LinkedIn Open Networker) That means that they will not I.D.K. you.

Lucky him!

Here are some more tips and tricks for you to use:

1. View their Profile back and Follow them.

When someone views your profile, View them back. Then if they are someone you would like to get connected to eventually, "follow" them. They will receive a message in their regular mail letting them know that you followed them. Then when they, in turn, ask you to connect with them, you are "away to the races".

2. Post in other groups.

When you publish your blog on LinkedIn, there will be many people who will miss it, so you send posts to a few different groups every week. You will soon see the ones that give you the best response to your posts. Continue to post to the responsive groups. You only post once or twice a week in the groups, so you do not become a pain.

3. Study their profile and who has endorsed them.

Once you see who has endorsed someone, you can then see if you are directly connected to them. Reach out to them and find out why they endorsed that person, and ask for an introduction.

4. Like and share their blogs on LinkedIn.

When you study someone's profile, check out their posts and then like and share them. Write a great comment about the blogs. Do this continually for a few days, and the person will soon try to get in touch with you.

Ask us how.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

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