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Friday, 1 July 2016

LinkedIn Tip #44 - Three Keys to Working-A-Round NO InMails.

What can we do with LinkedIn if we do not have InMails available?

Even being on a paid platform, I run out of InMails very quickly each month. So I have to find ways to reach out to the people I want to build relationships with, for business.

Remember these are real people on LinkedIn and we need to treat them the same way we would treat them if we met them in a fact-to-face networking meeting.

It takes time and skill to build trust with everyone.

Here are three keys that I use every day:

1. Check the profile of each person you want to get connected to and search their company pages.

When you visit company pages, you will find all their employees who are on LinkedIn listed there. You can then search for any that you might be connected to, or someone you know who is connected to them. Then request an introduction.

2. You can blog.

Think about all the questions you receive from your customers and where your customers come from. Start blogging to answer some of these questions. Educate and inform your audience to build that know, like and trust.

The key here is to be sure to publish on the LinkedIn Pulse.

3. You can become a L.I.O.N. (LinkedIn Open Networker)

When you are a L.I.O.N., you theoretically will connect with anyone who asks you to connect with them. The key here is to never I.D.K.(say "I Don't Know You") someone you don't know for reaching out to connect with you. You still have the free agency to decide who you want to accept as a connection. Personally, I never connect with someone who does not have a headshot.

Ask us how.

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress

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