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Friday, 22 July 2016

LinkedIn Tip #49 - Are you Personalizing your Invitations?

Are you receiving invitations to connect from people using the "canned" LinkedIn invite?

There is only so much LinkedIn can do to help us. We need to use our own brain box for the rest. It's common sense.

To personalize your invitations, you need to invite without clicking on the "People You May Know" profiles.

Hopefully you are only inviting people that you know to connect with you. When you invite people you do not know, you can get your profile I.D.K'd if 5 of those people say they Don't Know you. Simply put, your profile gets sent to 'LinkedIn Jail'.

Once your account has been frozen in 'LinkedIn Jail', it takes a few days to get it out of jail. 
So the rule of LinkedIn is to never invite people to connect with you unless you know them.

However, there is one caveat! Yes, there is always a caveat.

There are groups on LinkedIn called "L.I.O.N." groups. They are full of people who will connect with anyone whether they know you or not and never "I.D.K" you.

Here is the clincher: If you are sending the "Canned" invitation that is set up on LinkedIn, people do not feel that you are serious about building a business relationship with them.

Address them by name and let them know why you would like to connect with them. Make it personable. -And use your best grammar.

Let me know if you create a great invitation you would like to share with our followers.

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Christine Till

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