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Thursday, 1 September 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 60 - Three Keys to Overcoming Networking Shyness Online.

So, you are new to the online world and are scared spitless about networking?

Are you afraid of all the traffic you will create as soon as you start getting active on there?

Many of my clients express their deep anxiety about getting active with their online marketing systems. They are sure that as soon as people find them online that they will be inundated with clients that they will not be able to handle all the business.

What does this sound like to you?

There are two key reasons we fail in business:

1. We are afraid of rejection.

2. We are afraid of success.

Here are the three Keys to overcoming networking shyness online:

1. Set up a plan.
2.  Be cordial.
3. Just do it.

Setting up a plan

To be effective and systematic with your online marketing, you need a plan. You will need to have a unified presence online with at least the basics of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, a blog and a website. As you gain more comfort with online marketing, you can add others.

Set them up so that they all have the same background picture and theme for instance.
Decide how you will build your list and what email platform you will use. There are many. I use Mail Chimp.

Start blogging about the things that keep your ideal clients awake at 2am. Blog about how you ease their pain. Blog about answers to your clients questions. Set up a systematic way of blogging. For example, I do LinkedIn Tips. You might want to set up your own tips.

Whatever you decide, be consistent with your posts.

Get a coach to help you with your plan.

Be Cordial

Remember that all those profiles you are connecting and linking with are real people. Treat them like you would appreciate being treated...respectfully. Address them by name and always sign off with your name.

Just Do It

Decide what day and time you will do your blogging and interacting with your network and stick to it.

It takes 3-6 months to build the trust you need and want for your business.

So where are all those people you thought would inundate you with wanting to do business?

They are still there, online, waiting for you to reach out to them and build relationships with them.

It is not all about you. It is about how many people you can help.

Got any questions about your online marketing, just to ask me.

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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