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Monday, 12 September 2016

LinkedIn Tip #65 - What do I do if I want to be found on LinkedIn?

Have you been wondering why people aren't noticing you on LinkedIn?

Whether you are using LinkedIn to find a job or whether you are using it to find business, you still need to be found.

If you are doing things right, you should be receiving over 500 profile visits every 90 days.

Find 5-10 keywords that people will be searching in order to find someone like you or your business. Think, "What will people 'Google' if they do not know my name, my skills, or my company?"

Then review your headline, your summary, and your descriptions on all your experience and education. Make sure you are using these 5-10 keywords in what you have written on your profile.

Remember everything, virtually everything you do online is based on SEO. You need search engine optimization in order to be successful on LinkedIn!

If you want to be found on LinkedIn, you need to be using keywords in your profile that the search engines will find.

Take your headline for example. Think of it as your newspaper. How are you using this to make you different from your competition in job searches and/or business? Do you look like all the other people with the same skills, products, or services out there? -Or are you using your keywords to make you stand out?

Make yourself different!

Use keywords.

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Christine Till
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