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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 69 - Why should I have my own group on LinkedIn?

There is so much to do on LinkedIn, is it worth having my own group?

Prove to me that having my own group on LinkedIn is a good thing.

Are you up for the challenge!

As a member of the LinkedIn free platform, you can join up to 100 groups. If you think that is wild, understand that you are not in all those groups to chit-chat and share comments. You choose only a hand-full of key groups that you want to be active on. The rest of the groups, you are there simply to "target market."

"Target Marketing" a group means that you are searching the group for key people that you want to know for business. Once you find who you are looking for, you work to build a relationship of trust with them. Remember that it is not all about those personal contacts. It is all about who they know.

So, why should I have my own group on LinkedIn? Isn't it going to take inordinate amounts of time for me to make it an effective tool for my business?

Good point!

Having your own group will take some time, but the people you have invited to join your group will be key people that you have met through other groups on LinkedIn, as well as through live networking meetings you attend.

You can share each of your new blog posts regularly. These blog posts need to have a theme specific to your group. They need to invite discussion as well as educate and inform your group members.

It takes some thinking and planning, because you do need to have a system.

You may also want to invite someone to help you manage your group. I have 4 groups that I help manage. Then I have one group that is my own, MarketingEnthusiasts. If you have several people helping to manage your group, then you can relax a little.

Here is the big thing you need to understand about having your own group.

You can pitch to your group once a week.

Remember the "Rule of 10 Posts" that I have shared with you in the past? For every 10 posts on Linkedin, 6 are reposts; 3 are things you have written; 1 is a pitch. The groups are a perfect example of how the "Rule of 10 Posts" works.

You can incorporate a short survey to attach at the end of your pitch to your group that will help you build your database.

Your group is filled with key people that you want to build deeper relationships with for business.

Business today is conducted a little differently than it was a few years ago. People are far better informed and they look more for the people they trust before they buy. Cold Calling is not as effective today as it once was. You need to have a relationship with them first.

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Christine Till
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