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Thursday, 8 September 2016

LinkedIn Tip # 62 - Three keys to finding your target market on LinkedIn?

How do I  lazer in on my target market with LinkedIn?

Do you know where your clients are coming from now? Are they coming from certain types of businesses? What are their needs and wants? Are you the only one who can provide them your service or product? Why would they want to do business with you? How are they going to find you?

Every business is different, even if you have a massage therapy business on the corner of Broadway and Vine, and your competition has one on the next corner, you are the only person that can provide your service the way you do it. This is because you are unique.

That said, how do you lazer in on your target market and let them know how you are different from the massage business on the next corner?

There are three keys to how you can lazer in on your market:

1.    Know the answers to the questions above.

2.    Do an advanced search for specific criteria with LinkedIn.

a.    Search for CEO, Owner, CFO, HR Director, Director, and other executive positions.

b.    Save the searches and let LinkedIn send you Search Alerts every week that you can follow up on. This is on the free platform. On the paid platform you can receive these search alerts every day.

c.    If you are on the free platform, you should be able to do this next step. When you find people that would be ideal clients for you, check out their profile. See what groups they are in. Join one or two of those groups and start sharing your blog on these groups. Once you have been on the group posting for a week or so, reach out to the people you are targeting in the group and send them an InMail. Yes, direct message them through their profile on the group.

3.    Use the Company pages and search for the kinds of companies you do business with. Once you are in the company page, you will see all the staff. Search the staff members and find the top 5-7 decision makers. Check out the groups they are in and join one or two of them. Post in the discussion thread to draw attention. Watch for them to start interacting with your blog. As soon as you see them start to interact, direct message them. Use a personal touch. Do Not just send them a pitch.

Remember that everyone you communicate with online is a person too. Treat everyone the way you would appreciate being treated...with respect.

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Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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