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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

LI Tip #83 - Has the New Look Found You Yet?

Monday when I logged into my LinkedIn account, voila, the new look appeared!

I can see that there will be opportunity for a series on how to navigate this new platform.

How exciting!

Let's start with the Home page.

Love the new look! It is a lot like it appears on my iPhone.

It takes time to learn the nuances, but seems pretty user friendly.

You can still publish on the home page like before. You can also post updates like before.

My Network page:

Definitely looks like it does on my iPhone. However, when you accept a connection, it does not automatically show a message with an envelope to click and send a "thank you for linking up" message.

To the top left of the page, LinkedIn shows your number of views in the last 90 days and the number of views your latest blog post has received. In that same box, LinkedIn also invites you to use your email to search for people you know and invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn. I read the notes and they say that they will only invite your network from that email ONE time and not continue to pester them to death. However, I was stung with this feature before and will never give LinkedIn my password to my email again. They just kept on inviting my email network to connect with me on LinkedIn and I had my whole family furious at me because I was inviting all my little grandchildren to join LinkedIn. (They have special emails just to use with family.)

My gut feeling is that I don't even want one message sent to my entire network on email!
Get my drift?

I notice that the little box in the upper right hand corner is now gone. That was where you could 'like' 15 of your connections each day, if you wanted. No big loss though, because it has been added to your 'Notifications' feed.

So far, I really like and am enjoying all the updates.

Will keep you posted.

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What the Blue Blazes Happened to LinkedIn?!

See you there!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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