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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

LinkedIn Tip #84 - Advanced Search is NOT Gone!

Happy Day! "Advanced Search" on LinkedIn is not gone for good?

We simply have a new way of accessing it.

Go to your profile page.

Once you place your cursor in the 'Search' box at the top, Click 'Enter'.

The next window that you see will show you all the different search criteria to choose from in order for you to perform your searches.

You can search for People, Jobs, Posts, Companies, Groups, and Schools.

On the right side is a list of all the different criteria to use for your searches. I have attached some more helpful tips on how to perform searches with the new platform.

How to do searches on LinkedIn: Searching on LinkedIn

Because of all these new changes to LinkedIn, I have decided to do a webinar to help you out.

We will learn how to do searches, how to manage our connections, how to invite to connect and respond to requests to connect with a personalized message. We will also discover where to find all the old items we have become familiar with on the old version, as well as how to navigate the 'Groups'.

You will have a full two hours of "Newness"!

It will be a fun-packed meeting. Spaces are limited, so reserve early.

What the Blue Blazes Happened to LinkedIn?

Make it a great day!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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