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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

LI Tip #85 - Why should I be using Social Media for my marketing?

Are you one of those people who has been sitting on the fence?

I don't blame you.

Personally, I would not be using any social media whatsoever if I had not seen that I needed to be using it to reach a target market back in 2009, when I was working with a senior care organization. The company provided home care services for seniors so they could age in place. Their own research showed that 73% of the time seniors made a decision, the kids were involved helping them make those decisions. And it was usually the gals.

But where were the gals when I was doing a presentation at a senior centre? They were at work.

These gals would come home at night in tears from the stress of being sandwiched between aging parents and their own careers and families. They were searching for help.

My boss refused to pay for any online marketing time, so I decided to do it on my own.

The very first time I posted a blog about senior care, within an hour I had a response back from a gal saying she had no idea something like this was available to help her with her 95 year old Dad.

When I showed this to my boss, he still refused to pay for any online marketing.

Seeing that response in such a short time was amazing to me! It was proof enough that I needed to keep on doing what I was doing.

Since then I have launched my own business as The Marketing Mentress in January 2011.

Today, I have clients that I coach to help them with LinkedIn and setting up their online marketing network. I teach them that their blog needs to be the engine that runs their entire marketing program online, and offline. It is through blogging that they can relate to their audience by sharing tips and information to educate and inform them.

The blog us used to build the trust that is so valuable in your business. People like to do business with people they trust.

Adding video and recorded podcasts is also a bonus that adds credibility.

There are so many wonderful people that I have helped over the years, but it breaks my heart to see that most of them still are not blogging. It breaks my heart to see this because I know from experience that their marketing program will never succeed to its potential without a blog.

So what I have done is start to provide a blogging service for people.

If you are looking for someone to write blogs for you, get back to me and we will start your 'engine' for your marketing program. See my email below.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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