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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

LinkedIn Tip # 87 - Whose Viewed Your Profile?

Have you ever wondered what this feature is used for on your LinkedIn?

Every time you log into your profile, you see faces of all these lovely people that have viewed your profile, right. Have you wondered what they wanted from you or why they stopped by to view your profile?

I used to wonder what I could do with this feature until one day, it dawned on me. This is like a networking meeting only online, and I should introduce myself and ask them if I can help them in some way.

It is a lot like having your own store front on main street. When someone comes into your store, what do you do?

First you let them browse a bit before you "pounce" on them.

Then you slowly walk up to them making yourself busy doing little things until you are close by and then you ask how you may help or be of service to them? Or what are they looking for?

Notice how I am using open ended questions?

So I started going into my list of people who viewed my profile and asking them how I may help them or answer a question.

Now here is a trick, you can only do this if you have paid InMail. If I am not connected to the person who has viewed my profile, I can use one of my paid InMails to reach out to that person and not only ask them how I may be of service, but also invite them to connect with me.

Most of the time I reach out like this, I get a response back. It all depends on how you ask them. You need to ask open ended questions that they have to respond to with more than "yes or no". And you need to speak in their best interest...not yours.

It has been my privilege to get clients from this process...much like you do in a store on main street.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me or attend my next webinar.

By the way, how is LinkedIn working for you? I have a special webinar coming up on the 21st of March called "What the Blue Blazes Happened to LinkedIn?!"

Christine Till
The Marketing Mentress

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