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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Li Tip #86 - Did You Know that You can Control Viewers of this Profile Also Viewed?

Have you wondered why this isn't showing up on some profiles you view?

A fellow colleague drew this to my attention this morning. Thank you Wayne Breitbarth!

There are so many nuances to LinkedIn that there are some features which often get overlooked. The "People Also Viewed" feature is one of these.

When we look at someone else's profile, we can see a list of "People also viewed" members to the right hand side of the profile page. Have you wondered how LinkedIn compiles this?

When someone looks at a profile, it is usually because you have something in common or some similarities. Or the people you are checking out all have something in common. Or they could be people you know. LinkedIn's algorithms pick up on these little similarities and displays them in your "People also viewed" section of your profile. Speaking in very simple terms.

There is also a way to turn this on or off for your profile.

Click on the tiny icon in your upper right hand corner of your profile page and scroll down to the "Privacy & Settings" tab. Left click.

On the next page, left click on "Privacy".

Then scroll down to "Viewers of this profile also viewed". Left click.

Choose whether to turn it on or off.

It asks if LinkedIn should display the viewers of this profile (meaning your profile). You can choose "Yes or No". By choosing "No", you will turn off the display in your right hand column that lists the profiles of "people also viewed".

Turning this feature off can be helpful when you do not wish your competitors to show up on your "People also viewed" list of your profile.

You can still view the "People also viewed" list of other profiles...unless they have turned this feature off, of course.

With the "People also viewed" feature turned off, you can still see your "Who's Viewed My Profile" list on a daily basis and respond with the people there using your personalized messages and paid InMail.

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Make it a great day!

Christine Till
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