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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

MM Tip 22 - If Only...

"If only things would just stay the same I could soldier on without continuously having to learn new things. Then I could get a better grip of my business!"

Is that what you think?

If so, I completely understand. Ever since I became involved with a computer and online marketing, there are days when I say, "When will this ever end?"

But that's progress, right.

Have you heard of the "S" Curve of Economics? It is all about building your business and the bottom starts out slowly. Then as you accelerate your business and sales increase, you experience a rapid growth period. When you reach the top of the "S" curve, if you do nothing to expand your business with new ideas and innovations, your business sales will level off and start to drop.

Is your business starting to drop off and you cannot figure out why? You are doing everything the same as before, perhaps even stepping up with your customer service, but those sales just don't seem to be the same as before.

Would you like to increase your sales and avoid the "drop" at the top of your "S" curve?
Here is an example of what you can do to re-invent your business.

Your sales have been going great, but now have started to drop off. Check your products and services. Which ones are still going strong and which ones are dropping off in sales? Perhaps you need to eliminate those that are no longer selling and replace them with new more innovative ideas.

No, it is not you that is causing the drop in sales.  It is just economics, where your competition is going and what is new in the market that will better help your clients.

Sometimes you just need to take a look at your client demographics. Who buys from you? Has that demographic changed? If so, then you need to bring in more ideas to serve your primary demographic.

If the Boomers have been using your products and services more and more, perhaps you need to target them more. If you see that the younger generation is your primary clientelle, target them. Get my drift?

Another thing that you can do is see what your primary clients are needing now.

When I first started my business, I just did LinkedIn. Of course I knew how to use the other platforms, but I realized that there was a need for someone to specialize with LinkedIn. As there did not seem to be many professionals out there who really knew how to exploit every aspect of LinkedIn, I saw a need and filled it.

I still do my LinkedIn coaching, however, I have realized that most of my clients are not doing all the things that I have been teaching them. So I started asking my past clients how I could help them further.

The results were amazing!

I was teaching them that they needed to be blogging and posting on all their key social media 5 times a day. I even gave them an outline of things that they could do. I left them with those ideas, but I saw very few actually start posting anything.

Lightbulb moment! They needed someone to help them with their blogging!

I have now added blogging and several new packages to my repertoire.

Need help with your online marketing?  Marketing Mentress Packages

If you have some LinkedIn questions, I would love to hear them and get back to you through my blog.

Make it a great day!

Christine Till

The Marketing Mentress


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  1. Great article Christine .. Honoured to have worked with you!!